Your holidays free from COVID-19 

Karcher Steamer

A Karcher steamer is used to clean & disinfect all soft surfaces (beds, pillows, sofa & baby cotts). The steamer will be made available to you upon request


The exterior pool area and all outdoor equipment amenities are disinfected with the use of a fogger/atomizer. for a wide-area application of disinfectant product

Ozone Lamp

After our cleaning & disinfecting protocol has been completed, every room is desinfected once more for 30min with the use of a certified an ozone lamp

Payments Made Even Safer

In these uncertain times, we acknowledge the difficulty you are faced with in booking your holidays. That is why we have set in place the most lenient cancellation policy possible. Make your reservation with complete peace of mind.

Full refund

100% refund for all cancellations due to last minute COVID complications.

Last minute payment

Make your second payment just 24h prior to your arrival date

Flexible dates

In case of flight complications/cancellations alternative dates will be offered


We were a little apprehensive travelling during COVID times but George - the property manager was excellent at communicating with us and made us feel completely at ease with the measures introduced to keep guests safe. I would thoroughly recommend staying at Villa Jolie - it has something for everyone and Roda is a lovely small friendly town. We really hope to return one year, it has been one of our favourite holidays
Aug. 2020
This holiday was a godsend after so long locked down due to the COVID pandemic. We were lucky to be able to fly on 18th July for 9 wonderful days and nights. All things considered we were understandably apprehensive about even being able to fulfill the booking, due to any last minute safety protocol changes. However, George our host and owner could not have been more considerate, understanding and agreeable!!
Aug 2020

Our protocol Video

Villa Jolie is “Health First” certified by the Greek government and we are taking all the necessary safety and sanitation measures at this property including all the measures imposed and recommended.

We also go the extra mile to ensure you have the safest holidays possible


Ensuring a Covid Free Holiday for you and your family

Safety Measures Carefully Tailored to your Needs

Cleaning & Disinfection of entire property between all bookings

The interior surfaces are cleaned with a steam cleaner (> 70 °C)

The exterior areas are cleaned with a heavy duty atomizer/sprayer.

As a final step all rooms are disinfected with an ozone lamp.

All surfaces, high-touch objects and sport equipment, will be thoroughly disinfected including: keys, TV and air condition controllers, ps4 controllers, door knobs, tennis rackets, tennis balls, gym equipment, etc.

We will maintain a 24h gap between our bookings for optimum safety, unless requested otherwise by our guests, in which case we will maintain a minimum of 4h gap to fully clean, disinfect and air the Villa out before arrivals.

Cleaning frequency

Our policy dictates that housekeeping services are offered on a daily basis but due to these unprecedented circumstances cleaning and linen will occur once a week unless specifically requested otherwise by our guests.

Our cleaning lady Lucy will be equipped with a mask and gloves for as long as she remains in the Villa.

Swimming pool maintenance and gardening will be every three days, scheduled very early in the mornings before you are up and about to minimize contact between guests and personnel.

Autonomous Safety

Optional contactless delivery of linen and towels. Linens can be made available to you during your stay. They will be disinfected and wrapped professionally straight from the cleaners. 

Disinfectant spray and wraps will be made available to you at all times, to be used for your hands, and all the surfaces and sports equipment.

The Karcher fogger will be made available to you upon request.

Villa Jolie offers a secluded & isolated environment allowing you to be in total control of your movements and exposure to outsiders.

All amenities are exclusively private

Enhanced Measures

Staff Covid-19 training and daily health check

Thorough cleaning procedure put in place always performed by the same housekeeper

Optional full cleaning & dissinfection during the guests’ stay (guest must vacate the premises for at lesat 3h)

Concierge support 24/7 via phone/online or in person according to guests’ preference

Frequent hand washing, hand sanitizing and use of gloves and masks at all times


Contact with the cleaning services and hosts will be reduced to a minimum.

Your host will be at the arrivals to weclome you respecting social distancing & acting in a socially responsible manner to protect public heatlh.

Self check in option, with instruction via email or video call

Housekeeper will be taking all necessary precautions when welcoming and greeting new guests


Extra Services

Transfer services offered will be on a private basis exclusively and follow the national safety guidelines.

Food delivery services can be made available everyday for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Groceries shopping delivery service can be made available for our guests

Pharmacy and a health clinic are within 10 minutes walk from Villa Jolie